Preventaion Division

  • Promoting civil service ethics
  • Commending integrity and competence
  • Preventing businesses vulnerable to corruption and malfeasance
  • Safeguarding the agency facilities and assisting to manage statements, pleadings, and petitions.
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality of official business

Investigation Division

Exposing corrupt, negligent, and illegal matters
  • Checking on cases designated by supervisors or senior officers
  • Investigating on civil service ethics reports regarding the city government. Sources of these reports might be the statements and pleadings of the general public and the media news coverage.
Managing accusations
  • Setting up a special mailbox, an email account and a phone line exclusively for employees and the general public to report on corrupt and negligent matters. Mail:  P.O. Box 175. Keelung   E-Mail: Klcg5509@mail.klck.gov.tw Tel: (02)24246783; Fax: (02)24234492
  • Based on the Anti-Corruption Informant Rewards and Protection Regulation, reported corrupt and neglect cases will be handled with special care.
  • Once investigated and confirmed, reported cases involved with criminal charges will be transferred to procuratorial organs or judiciary investigatory apparatus; those involved with administrative responsibility will be managed based on administrative disposals; cases that are found clean will be cleared.

General Affairs Division

  • Organizing the civil service ethics office, and managing appointment, dismissal, transfer and year-end performance of personnel
  • Training staff and cadre members of the civil service ethics office
  • Drawing up, controlling and promoting annual work plans of the civil service ethics office
  • Annual budgeting and controlling business of the civil service ethics office
  • Secretarial work of anti-corruption works in the city
  • Secretarial work of meetings of civil service ethics supervisory groups
  • Managing registrations of parking lots operated by the motor transportation industry
  • Organizing discussion sessions on promoting civil service ethics
  • Investigating matters regarding civil service ethics
  • Providing services for the general public